ADDON: conferences, networking & skills development

At the same time as the Stunfest festival and co-produced by Atlangames & 3 Hit Combo, les rencontres ADDON rassemblent plus de 300 professionnel·le·s du jeu vidéo en plein cœur de Rennes depuis 2017. 

These meetings aim to maintain and strengthen our network common independent video game. We are talking about meetings of creation and development of video games in order to promote unique content and claim the modularity that must take the form of time dedicated to video games.

Pendant 2 jours, chaque année, ADDON propose un cycle de up to 20 to 30 conferences, given by French and international speakers recognized for their expertise, abordant les thématiques liées à la production of video games !

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    Game Design
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    Art / TechArt
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    Production / Management / Communication

An event by and for the pros!

When creating ADDON, Atlangames and 3 Hit Combo wanted to offer video game creators and people involved in production an annual meeting during which they could discuss technical issues, concrete and pragmatic, in order to improve skills. So that's why the name “ADDON” was chosen!

These two events form a crossroads and a place of sharing around the production of video games. The whole is driven by a singular positioning ambition, by strengthening the quality and diversity of the technical conferences offered on ADDON. 

Sharing experience, exchange, pragmatism are are central of this event. User-friendliness is also essential to enable these facilitated interactions. Already very present in the Stunfest, we kept this guideline for ADDON!

The networking is also a very strong focus on ADDON. In addition to the official networking evenings offered during the event, there are many other times dedicated to informal sharing and socializing.

SINCE 2017....

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Iels en parlent encore mieux que nous 🙂

Thanks for everything, don't change a thing!

Everything was smooth and easy, many thanks to the organizing team.

The conference was great. Great support and information.

A very enriching experience that opens my eyes to the world of video games.

A great moment and top conferences!

Great quality for all the lectures, thank you very much for everything.