New add-on for ADDON: masterclasses!

Designed by industry professionals, these masterclasses are designed to push the technical aspects even further. 
The idea is to leave ADDON with new approaches/techniques that you can use in your productions as soon as you get back to the studio. 

A total of 4 workshops will be held during the event, 2 each afternoon.Speakers invited to give our masterclasses will first hold their conference in the morning. You'll then be able to join them in the afternoon for a concrete hands-on experience in these limited-audience workshops. Some masterclasses will be given in French, others in English. Our little flags should help you make it clearer!

⏱ Duration : 3h30min per masterclass
👤 Maximum audience : 12 participants. A participant can take part in up to 2 masterclasses over 2 days (1 each afternoon).
📍 Location : Maison des Associations, in two dedicated rooms

Le programme des masterclass sera bientôt annoncé !