Game Jam !

48h of creation
from the 15th 17h to 17th of May, 17h

During Addon, the Epitech school will welcome a GameJam.

Mainly targeting students and amateurs, this is opportunity to create a game in a singular environment, mentored by some Addon's speakers and professional attendees.

We wanted to prepare something special for this occasion :

  • During those 48h, we invite you to take a break and discover the talks and workshops at the Ateliers du Vent or French Tech.
  • The presence of numerous professional during the event is a greate opportunity to learn from experienced game artists, developpers, etc.
  • At the end of the Jam, the participants will be able to get a direct feedback from a group of professionals.

Conditions :

  • Open to everyone! You don't need to be a "developer" to create a video game !
  • Age 16 minimum. Parents' authorization required for minors.
  • The teams will be composed (by you) at the beginning of the jam.
  • Bring your own tools : computers, controlers, paper, cardboard, pencils...
  • 25 € per person. Breakfasts, drinks and snacks/fruit included.

Like Jean Delacour said while playing Hamurabi in 1968, “Video game creation is like jam: the less you eat, the more it sticks to your fingers”