ADDON, video game professional meeting in Rennes, France

ADDON shares its DNA with the other conferences and professional meetings organised each year by 3 Hit Combo and Atlangames.

You may already know Stunfest festival in Rennes, Why So Serious in Nantes or the Game Dev Afterworks, Apéro Game Lab and Global Game Jams

That's why this year again we propose you a week dedicated to video game creation and production, in all their forms.

Barcamp, talks and workshops in Rennes, France 14-15-16th May 2018.

ADDON rests on the same spirit forged during the previous events, in particular the 3 previous Stunfest's editions.

Several years of opportunities and encounters allowed us to evolve toward an organization and a will to produce singular answers, being about production, distribution or design.

Continue to build and strengthen the network around video games

The goal of those meetings it to reinforce our common network.